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Jen McLeod Photography

Jen McLeod Photography


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Many years ago, Jen McLeod buried her heart in the sand at Cox Bay. Originally from the windswept prairies, she came back again and again to visit her heart. Eventually, she had to stay. Now she resides on the glorious west coast with her husband and two children and specializes in wedding, family and maternity photography. Her life with photos began in her father’s dark room, and at 4 years old, she was often the subject, the photographer, and the developer. She trained in film photography at MacEwan University in Edmonton and begrudgingly adopted digital photography. She eventually fell in love with the freedom it allowed. Jen has photographed births and nuptials, toddlers and teenagers. She loves the intensity and connection of engagement photography. She adores the anticipation and joy of maternity sessions. She is available year-round on the west coast, in all weather. Her favourite is fog.

I am traditionally trained in film photograph, but I shoot digital. I spent nearly a decade in telecom before quitting in 2010 to become a full time photographer, and it stuck. I am often inspired by west coast landscapes, but portraiture and lifestyle photography remain my passion. I love to capture lives. I’ve photographed births and graduations, weddings, celebrations and sad occasions. I believe that all moments that make up a life are moments of significants, from the extraordinary to the everyday.

I’d like to be a part of your visit to Vancouver Island. Let’s connect.


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