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632 Main St., PO Box 249

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AHOY BAGS, Ucluelet, Nelly & Jens Heyduck

One of a kind!

We are true believers in sustainability and on a mission to lessen the environmental impact. That‘s why we not only chose to upcycle the finest vintage sails, but also to make them locally here on the West Coast of Vancouver Island, since 2012.

We also are convinced that ‘Form Follows Function’. The result are incredibly light, bespoke bags that hold-up against almost any challenge. Each unique bag features a patina, gracefully inherited from the sail it has been crafted from, weathered trough countless adventures on the Pacific.

During the design process we carefully consider every repair patch, re-seamed section, tear or stain, as these bags will proudly carry them to tell their story of past achievements out on the Pacific.

Enjoy our bags!

Nelly Heyduck Art
Nelly Heyduck is an Ucluelet resident designer and artist, inspired by the rugged and pristine Pacific Rim. A series of paintings and art prints are of places to which she has a personal connection, showcasing her perception of the unique beauty of the West Coast & Vancouver Island, BC.

First there is a vision of a place, a feeling that Nelly is trying to translate into a picture, a color scheme and a story to tell. Many times she will create an on-site (water) color sketch to capture the color, vibrancy and perspective of the scene in an analog way.

There is a free spirit in Nelly’s art work using a digital medium in an analogue way, as she is introducing scratches, blemishes and textures to give these prints additional depth. The details work from afar, but will reveal additional dimension the more carefully you look.

The bold but nuanced color palette and energetic brush stroke in Nelly’s original paintings, are a direct reflection of what the Pacific Rim and its untamed nature instills into her heart.

Nelly hopes that her artwork translates the experienced emotion of these places into her original artwork and vintage style travel Giclee prints.